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strategic change management assignment

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This post is not just informative but impressive also. The post is so convincing that it created an urge to choose Nursing Assignment Help services. Task Write a report not more than words covering the criteria given below by analyzing a strategic change you think your organization should implement.

The strategic change can be either a change within a department, SBU or an entire organization. The company which has been selected for this assignment is Hayleys Advantis Limited.

Hayleys Advantis Limited is a leading logistics service provider in Sri Lanka with connections to the international logistics, freight forwarding and shipping lines, strategic change management assignment. The service provided from Hayleys Advantis Limited includes integrated logistics services which includes inland transportation of goods, strategic change management assignment, energy support services, other transportation services, international freight management services which includes moving goods through shipping lines and airline transportations, marine services that include container vessels management, and harbour terminal services.

The assignment will discuss on the theoretical and practical aspects of managing organisational change in Hayleys Advantis Limited. Among many theoretical models of change that can be applied to make changes in the Hayleys Advantis Limited organisation, the 8 steps to change by Kotter, Three stages change management model by Kurt Lewis and ADKAR model can be identified as three main models that can be used for managing changes in Hayleys Advantis Limited organisation.

The change that has been proposed for the organisation is to change the current ERP system new an updated ERP system where the employees will be provided with new user interfaces to manage their work in offices. Employees who are providing their contribution as manual labour will not have a higher impact from the change as the change will focus on people who are using the computerised ERP system Hayleys Advantis, In the first step, urgency for change is increased.

In that people are inspired and motivated support the change by showing the benefits they will receive from changing to the new ERP system. The second step is building the guiding teams where properly qualified employees at the position those will be impacted by the changes.

This will include aligning the operational teams and other support teams of the Hayleys Advantis Limited. Third step is creating the vision for the change.

In the case of Hayleys Advantis Limited, the vision will be change the ERP system for receiving better operational outcomes and make the business process smoother, strategic change management assignment. Then strategic change management assignment fourth step is communicating the vision to the organisation.

Fifth step of strategic change management assignment model is empowering action. Empowering action includes removing the obstacles for the change and recognises progress. This step will include providing training and basic demonstrations of the new ERP system.

Not letting go and make the changes reinforce are the next two steps. In those two, the system will be monitored and support will be provided Senior and Fleming, Kurt Lewis has introduced the model with three steps, unfreeze, change and refreeze.

In unfreeze, the change will be thoroughly investigated and understood, strategic change management assignment. The second phase is change phase, strategic change management assignment, in that switching to the new ERP system will be done and the employees will be using the new system instead of the old one.

Then the refreeze will be done where stability of the new system will be increased and people will get comfortable with their routine. The ADKAR model is another change model that can be used to manage change which has a different step of steps than the previous two.

Those include. Awareness — increasing awareness about the new system and its benefits. Desire — motivating the employees to reach strategic change management assignment the changes which will benefits them and make their work easier. Knowledge — providing product knowledge for the employees in the new ERP system. Ability — providing practical training for the employees for the employees of Hayleys Advantis Limited to use the new ERP software that are relevant to them.

Reinforcement — making sure that the employees are taking the best use of the systems. But the ADKAR model has provided a clear and better understanding model which can easily be implemented. The change that has been proposed includes giving new ERP software systems for the employees of the organisation which are relevant for them to manage their work.

This will include updated logistics management systems, management information systems, strategic change management assignment, human resource information systems, and customer relationship management systems etc. The ERP systems will give complete visibility in to all parts of the business such as Human resource management, logistics management, strategic change management assignment, purchasing management, operations management and all other business functions of the Hayleys Advantis Limited so that the management will be able to easily monitor the changes and analyse the business requirements, strategic change management assignment.

It will help to build more coordination and coherent workflow in the organisation. The ERP systems will be connected to each other and therefore the strategic change management assignment will allow building relationships between the business units of the organisation so that mistakes that happen due to lack of coordination will be reduced French and Bell, strategic change management assignment, Management Information reports can be easily created with the ERP systems and therefore the management of Hayleys Advantis Limited will be able to keep track of the business performance easily and in a convenient way.

Business decision making will be made easier by the ERP systems as they are able to track down the current business flow and forecast the future of the business flow. That information can be used by the management to support the business decisions so that the business can be developed. Increasing demand — as one of the popular and highly reputed logistics service provider in the country, the Hayleys Advantis Limited keeps developing the demand for services strategic change management assignment by day.

Therefore the management and the directors of the organisation have understood that more efficient systems and developed working systems are needed for the employees perform better and match the supply of service to the demand they have. And it also includes developing the business with help strategic change management assignment more human workforce, strategic change management assignment.

Performance development — using new ERP systems that are updated with the newest technologies and the more efficient techniques have been proven to increase the organisational performance, strategic change management assignment. As a service provisioning organisation, Hayleys Advantis Limited has a higher requirement of efficient work as efficiency is a key quality in logistics service.

Need of more efficiency can also be identified as a driving force for a new ERP system. Need of higher revenue — higher revenue generation is also a strategic goal of Hayleys Advantis Limited as an organisation. It includes generating more sales, generating more income and finally developing the business as a whole unit. As the ERP systems have the ability of performing these activities directly and indirectly, the organisation has identified the change as an essential factor.

Human resources — lack of expert and highly skilled human resources is one of the resource implications that have made the Hayleys Advantis Limited reluctant for the change. The employees those working in the departments strategic change management assignment been using the old ERP systems for a long time and they have become very familiar with those systems, strategic change management assignment. And the employees do not have hands on experience with the new or complex ERP software package.

Due to lack of skilled employees, the Hayleys Advantis Limited has shown low responses for the change. Physical resources — there are hardware and other physical resources that are also need to have when the new ERP system is implemented in the Hayleys Advantis Limited. This will include new computer systems that are capable of installing the advanced ERP system. Therefore the strategic change management assignment computer hardware will not support the new change.

Financial resources — having to purchase new hardware systems, provide training for the employees and also purchase of the ERP software will incur expenses that are out of the normal budget for the year. Therefore the lack of financial resources will also be another factor for the organisation show low responses for the change.

Use of the strategic intervention techniques for managing the change process of the Hayleys Advantis Limited can have several benefits and advantages for the organisation itself and for the employees who are working in the organisation. Team building consensus and conflict — getting the consent of all the employees that are working in the team of the Hayleys Advantis Limited organisation and getting consent for the change from all the employees who will be affected from the change will be one of the intervention techniques that can help the changes be more effective.

As the change actions have been taken with the consent of the employees, they will be working towards applying the changes strategic change management assignment the system on their own. This will allow making flexible and more effective decisions throughout the change management process. Taking proactive actions — taking proactive actions in the organisations such as providing training for the employees the systems are set up, purchasing the hardware requirements beforehand in order to avoid waiting time for processing will be some of the proactive actions that can be taken by the Hayleys Advantis Limited organisation.

These will reduce the processing time in the change management process it will allow the organisation to make the process faster and more convenient for the employees and also to achieve a higher productivity level at the same time.

A stakeholder analysis can be conducted to identify how the stakeholders of the project should be managed. Identify stakeholders —. The stakeholders of the change process at Hayleys Advantis Limited for switching to new ERP system solution will include, strategic change management assignment. Middle managers. IT officers of the company. Strategy explanation. Adapting according to the new systems, being the primary impacting group of the change process at Hayleys Advantis Limited.

Manage closely. The employees of the Hayleys Advantis Limited will be provided inductions, presentations, meeting, group training sessions and also practical training sessions to adapt to the new systems. Providing supervision for the change activities and making sure that the short term targets are strategic change management assignment. Keep informed. The supervisors will be provided information about the project schedules, important targets and special deadlines to be met, strategic change management assignment.

Trainers will train the employees for the new ERP systems and will make sure that employees are able to handle the systems independently. Keep satisfied. The trainers will be given instructions on what should be done and how the training programmes need to be organised, strategic change management assignment.

IT officers. Strategic change management assignment up the new ERP systems and being responsible for procurement of the hardware items those will be needed for the project. Instructions will be given for the IT strategic change management assignment of the Hayleys Advantis Limited organisation how the purchases should be made and what are the new ERP systems that will need to be set up in different departments of the organisation.

Meetings — meetings will be one of the main methods the management of Hayleys Advantis Limited will need to use as a strategy to get the stakeholders of the business involved for the change management approach. Meeting will include gathering the employees of the Hayleys Advantis Limited and the management of the organisation to share the idea, thoughts and views about the change that is about to be carried out in the organisation.


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strategic change management assignment


assignment on strategic change management. course code: gotxh04 group d. submitted by ashish kumar mishra to the school of finance and professional studies5/5(2). strategic change management assignment How can the answer be improved?Expert Guide to Writing an Effective Change Management PlanStrategic marketing planning mustbe build on a strong foundationa company has to deliver a tangible benefit to theconsumers of its Discuss models of strategic changeA strategic planning model is more about a different approach to the project. Strategic Change Management Unit code: J//QCF Level 7: BTEC Professional Credit value: 10 Unit aim This unit provides the learner with the understanding and skills to support active engagement in the process of strategic change management. Unit introduction Alvin Toffler’s famous comment ‘There is only one constant today and that is change’ was made some decades ago, but now Author: Assignment Help USQ Blogspot.